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If you're looking to discover or level up your businesses' impact, you've found your tribe. Be Local is, unapologetically, not your average business network.

A Be Local membership is for you if you...

  • Want to do more good through your business
  • Want to scale your business AND your impact
  • Have time to work ON, not just IN your business
  • Are curious about meaningful partnership
  • Enjoy problem solving through collaboration
  • Have time and energy to participate and engage

Our network is made up of energetic, ambitious, heart-led entrepreneurs committed to changing the world. Be Local isn't for everyone and that's okay! But if it is, you'll be in great company.

You'll enjoy membership benefits like quarterly networking events with the best social entrepreneurs in Calgary; capacity building workshops with peer panels and experts; support setting and reaching your business's community impact goals, and more!

  • Disruptor
    1 year
    Package price

    More Connection, More Impact- Disruptor

    Big problems require radically different approaches. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to go deep in new ways when it comes to creating impact. Many of these opportunities will involve getting away from the daily routines and into new environments – so that you can finally work on and not just in your business. This will include:

    i) MasterGroup5 – a 4-month engagement rooted in practical peer support, problem solving and connection. Kicked off with an intimate dinner at River Café, get to know 4 fellow entrepreneurs, their businesses and their challenges and work towards helping each of you achieve your business and impact goals.

    ii) The Council of "Experts" – tap into the wisdom of some of Calgary's best social venture minds (Kevin Kent of Knifewear, James Boetcher of Righteous Gelato, Käthe Lemon of RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions, Evelyne Nyairo of Ellie Bianca and Sean Crump of Included by Design) to get targeted advice and input on something you're struggling with.

    iii) THE Problem Weekend Intensive – get away from all the distractions and into the mountains with a group of entrepreneurs, for the sole purpose of tackling your biggest business problem.

    iv) SVI: Banff

    Our vision of success in this "pathway" of Be Local includes: More businesses in Calgary scale their meaningful and sustainable impact.

    Price for More Connection, More Impact activities: MasterGroup5 and access to Council of "Experts" included with Disruptor membership level $499/year (includes 2 additional Changemaker memberships for BIPOC or marginalized entrepreneur of your choosing for their first year in the network). Discounts are provided to THE Problem Weekend Intensive and SVI: Banff.

  • Changemaker
    12 months
    Package price

    Impact 101- Changemaker

    This membership is for you if you're looking to be inspired to create meaningful and sustainable impact through your business.

    Membership benefits include:

    • Working with you to identify and set annual community impact goals

    • Access to quarterly networking with the best social entrepreneurs in Calgary: meant to be fun and/or restorative. Activities that will accompany networking sessions may include drinks at a local brewery, mediation, yoga, hiking, and bonfires.

    • Exclusive access to bi-Monthly capacity building workshops with experts on the following topics:

    - Living Wage – what is it and what does it mean

    - Enough for All – Calgary's poverty reduction strategy

    - Truth and Reconciliation

    - Social Procurement

    - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Women's and 2SLGBTQ+ Issues

    - Environmental Sustainability

    - Social Financing

    • Training - Design Your Impact- a 16-hour program for entrepreneurs that focuses on identifying, implementing and scaling sustainable impact into an already operational business.

    Price for Impact 101 activities: included with Changemaker membership level $199/year (includes 1 additional Changemaker membership for BIPOC or marginalized entrepreneur of your choosing for their first year in the network)